Blood Covenant

The Beginnings

On October 23, 2014, I was given a great gift.

One of many memorable teachings in ministry school the year before, was a weeklong teaching centered on God’s Blood Covenant. Since that week in school, my dream was to take that awesome teaching to anyone who would hear. I especially wanted to start a home Bible study with the end-goal in mind for God to touch others with this awesome truth, just like He had me.

On this particular day (my day off from regular work), I was at church for a couple of functions. Our Bible teacher from the year prior was also in the building teaching, you guessed it, the Blood Covenant. I could hear him, as I attended our group Bible study in an adjoining room. I had wanted to discuss my dream with him—to write a home study workbook course on this material, but I did not want to ‘scoop’ him on the project. If it was also his intention to put it into book form, I was prepared to offer any assistance he may need, by way of proof-reader, typist, what-have-you. I was ready.

That meeting unfortunately was not to happen, and as I left church that day to run errands, I spoke a small prayer to my Father in heaven. ‘Lord, if Daniel and I are to meet today, it must be You that arranges it.’

I had to run home, as in my haste that morning; I had gone off without my purse, driver’s license, checkbook, ATM card, etc. One of my errands that day was to have our car cleaned for an appraisal later that afternoon. The only place I could get an appointment required a half an hour wait. “Oh well,” I thought, “I will run to the sandwich shop while the car is being cleaned and get some lunch.”

“That’s fine,” said the cashier, “some people even go across the street.” ‘Across the street’ was more expensive, but a healthier choice.

As I walked into the shop across the street, and towards the counter to order—have you guessed yet? I couldn’t believe my eyes; like a well-scripted movie—sat Daniel Elvelyck and another of our pastors, Samuel Strandberg. For that moment, no one else was there in that restaurant, just the 3 of us and our Father in heaven. I really don’t remember how loudly I spoke—but I could have shouted! Was this really happening? Did I just pray that prayer? My Father heard it! He wants the book to be written also!

I told Daniel what I just told you.

“Well here I am!” he said.

And here is the Introduction. This blog is the beginning of writing…

One thought on “Blood Covenant

  1. Hi, Vicky. Kathy Clemence here. I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and also found it a good morning read. I must admit I still struggle with blood covenants but the book certainly helped me understand a little more. Thank you for sharing!


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