What am I searching for?

“I understood this also, that God’s Love is made manifest as well in a simple soul which does not resist His grace as in one more highly endowed. In fact, the characteristic of love being self-abasement, if all souls resembled the holy Doctors who have illuminated the Church, it seems that God in coming to them would not stoop low enough. But He has created the little child, who knows nothing and can but utter feeble cries, and the poor savage who has only the natural law to guide him, and it is to their hearts that He deigns to stoop. These are the field flowers whose simplicity charms Him; and by His condescension to them Our Saviour shows His infinite greatness. As the sun shines both on the cedar and on the floweret, so the Divine Sun illumines every soul, great and small, and all correspond to His care–just as in nature the seasons are so disposed that on the appointed day the humblest daisy shall unfold its petals.” St. Therese of Lisieux

I had a statue of St. Therese in my bedroom as a child. I loved how peaceful she looked. (Statues don’t yell and scream–it seemed like there was a lot of that in my house growing up!) I ran across a copy of her writings, on the Internet (free) http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/world/readfile?fk_files=1505503&pageno=1

‘Nearer my God to Thee’, is my heart’s cry. My flesh is weak though.”What will others think?” “What will it cost?” I must get beyond these questions. “How?” I still need to maintain my job, clean my house, shovel snow, go to the grocery store. Is it possible to ‘pray without ceasing’? (1 Thess 5:17, Paul) Besides the Biblical authors, others have written that it is possible. Brother Lawrence comes to mind.

The last book of the Bible–Revelations–writes ‘To those that persevere’. Keep on keepin’ on. I like that.

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